Does this sound like you?

-- Do you struggle to eat well and stay healthy?

-- Feel out of control around your favorite foods?

-- Do you deprive yourself and then regret it?

-- Or do you over-indulge and then start a new diet every Monday?

Are you ready to give up the struggle?

Mindful eating is about WHO we are (e.g. permissive, restrictive, controlling) and HOW we are (e.g. stressed, emotional, distracted) when we eat. The simple act of being mindful (i.e. staying present) while eating is a proven tool for habit change that could completely transform your relationship with food.

The Process

Learn and practice how to eating mindfully during this 7-week workshop and support group. Uncover a new way of being with food that doesn't involve calorie-counting, dieting or deprivation. Receive encouragement and support in a small group setting of like-minded peers from the comfort of your own home!

The Logistics

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In this workshop, we cover:

  (1) Lifestyle patterns that can cause you to crave sugar

  (2) Psychological and physiological implications of sugar cravings

  (3) Practical strategies for shaking the sugar habit

We’ll talk about:

  -- Why it’s important to moderate your sugar intake

  -- How our evolutionary biology drives the consumption of sugar

  -- How your lifestyle can set you up to crave sugar

  -- How your emotional state can be a powerful force in sugar cravings

  -- How the power of habit can make or break your ability to shake the sugar habit

  -- Practical strategies for moderating your sugar intake right now

The Logistics

Fill out the contact form to find out when this will be offered next