Your body hears everything your mind says.  #staypositive

Services & What to Expect

  • I work with clients one-on-one in person, via telephone or Skype
  • I offer a complimentary half-hour consultation to see if Eating Psychology Coaching is right for you.
  • Our work together can last anywhere from 3 months to a full year or longer.
  • It all starts with an initial in-depth strategy session that lasts 90 minutes.

    In this initial session, I will ask you a lot of questions. Come ready to talk! We'll talk about work, family, money, spirituality, health, exercise & physicality, food & nutrition, and more. What's working for you. What isn't. You talk, and I listen with presence, empathy, compassion, and non-judgment to provide a safe and healing environment, allowing for profound transformation. You'll have homework after every session. Sometimes the homework is introspective in nature (e.g. journaling ) and sometimes it will include lifestyle changes. We'll go as fast or as slow as you need to go. It's a coaching relationship, so the assumption is that the answers lie within you; I'm just here to help you uncover them.

  • After our initial session, our sessions together will run 60 minutes.

Pricing & Packages

  • A single 60-minute session is $125
  • A single 90-minute session is $165
  • 6-session packages are $690 ($115 per session = $60 savings)
  • 12-session packages are $1260 ($105 per sessions = $240 savings)