Working with Patricia has been a wonderful experience. My struggles with weight and body image started as far back as elementary school and over the decades I've tried more diet and exercise programs than I care to recount. While many of them worked initially, none were sustainable. Now in my mid-30's, I'm a mom of two small children with a demanding corporate job and very little time for myself. When I tried and failed several times to lose the baby weight with methods from the past, I knew I needed something entirely different. Patricia created a comfortable and fun environment and coached me through a new way of thinking about total health, mind-body connection, and positive self-care. She provided practical approaches to integrating new behaviors into my hectic life and kept me going when I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. One of my biggest challenges has been adding more movement to my day and I’m so happy that after some trial and error, Patricia helped me find a fitness activity that not only works for my busy life, I actually enjoy doing it! I finally feel at peace with my body and have the right mindset to reach my goals. For these reasons and many more, I highly recommend working with Patricia.

~ Kate

Patricia’s ability for accurate and honest communication comes straight from her heart with the best of intention and highest integrity. Before my sessions with Patricia, I was fragmented between two worlds – my outer conflicted personality and my inner innocence. The session dove into my greatest need at that time in my life without my personal knowledge of the need; I only knew that I was suffering, but Patricia understood why and how to fix the “root” issue. Her wisdom facilitated profound insights and provided precise tools that got me, and my life, unstuck in relation to eating and beyond. This brought clarity, love, and peace back into my life. Now, I am able to be fully myself with authenticity and lightheartedness, and to see life as a beautiful playground to be explored. In addition, the work Patricia did with me greatly strengthened my confidence to come out of repressing my inner child with overeating – I can now determine what I want and how to embrace my true desires. Patricia’s love and guidance uplifts and transforms. My relationship with my body has completely changed. Thank you. I am so happy to have found such an amazing practitioner. Now I enjoy my meals, plan them, and feel great after them. The Slow Eating method has helped to give me a precise guide as to when to eat, and how to think about eating instead of just feeling lost in the world of over informed weight control jargon.

~ Anonymous

My experience of Patricia as coach was one where I found myself in a place where I felt safe to share what is true for me, both struggles and dreams. When we explore what lies beneath feelings and behaviors associated with uncomfortable eating patterns and body image, it is with the presence of one who is non judgemental, accepting, and can gently ask those questions that guide us into emotional territories that we can even begin to deepen and heal. Coupled with clear guidance in making changes in our relationship with food, body, and life circumstances, true healing can take place. Patricia has these qualities, while keeping it light when needed, and having a great sense of humor, she is organized, so as the receiver one doesn't have to to try to "keep it all together." I gladly and with pleasure recommend Patricia as coach to anyone looking to heal from these not uncommon challenges.

~ Grace

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